SURVIVE Lvl1 - 3 DAY RETREAT - North Stradbroke island - qld

Held on one of largest and most amazing sand islands in the world, North Stradbroke, The Alpha Human 3 Day Survive Intensive Retreat is an experience in basic human survival presented by martial arts veteran Coach of 30 years Matt Spooner and The Alpha Humans own Luke Bara.

Participants will get a crash course in basic self survival methods including Self Defence, Striking, Grappling and also including Bait Collecting, Gathering and Fishing.

The course will be held over 3 days and will include the participants accompanying Matt and Luke in basic martial arts and self defence training following with bait gathering and fishing techniques.

Weekend will include all Food and Beverage plus Accomodation and travel from Brisbane Airport.

Course content will include these modules.

Day 1 

- Basics of Bait Gathering - Beach Worming 

- Basics of Surf Survival - How to read the surf

- Mastering Bodyweight training - How to Train completely and effectively without equipment

Day 2

- Mobility 101 - Basic Stretching and Muscular Release for Optimal Movement

- Lecture 1 - The Foundations of Self Defence - Counters to Chokes, Holds and Basic Countering

- Lecture 2 - Breakfall technique - Learning the art of falling correctly without injury

- Lecture 3 - Striking Foundations 1 - Basic Striking and Footwork 

- Lecture 4 - Ground Grappling Foundations 

- Lecture 5 - Basics of Fishing - Rigs, Gear and Set-up

- Guided Meditation and Mindset Practice

Day 3

- Morning Fishing + Bait Collecting

- Lecture 6 - Striking Foundations 2 - Knees - Elbows - Kicking - Padwork

- Lecture 7 - Standing Grappling and Takedowns - Spooner/Bara

- Yoga and Partner Stretch Technique


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matt spooner

A Fitness Industry leader, Matt Spooners carer spans over 25 years in the
fighting and fitness industry. His long list of experience includes head wrestling coach
for the National Australian Rugby League Team also Wests Tigers and the NSW Waratahs. 

As a recognised Fight Conditioning Specialist, Matt has coached many Brazilian Jujitsu, Boxers, Kick Boxers and
Mixed Martial Artists to state, national and international titles.

Also an accomplished media writer, Matt has featured in some of Australias leading fitness magazines and newspapers including UFC GYM MAGAZINE and Mens Fitness also appearing in numerous television appearances representing fitness.

Matt will be taking the Striking, Wrestling, MMA/Jujitsu Ground Grappling, Fishing and Bait Collecting components of the Survive Retreat

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luke bara

With 15 years of coaching experience, Luke's passion lies in performance training. 
With an extensive background in Strength and Conditioning, he specialises in
Olympic Weightlifting coaching current Jnr NSW and Australian champions and representatives.

Luke also specializes in Strongman, Gymnastics and CrossFit integrating
assessment and correction strategies for optimum performance. 

Luke has a 3rd degree Black Belt in Self defence (Japanese Ju-Jitsu)
and currently works with individuals, small groups and schools.

Previously coaching both professional and armature fighters as one of
UFC Gym Australias High Performance Coaches and current Owner/Head Coach of
CrossFit Whiteout Botany and Bondi Barbell Club. 

Luke will be taking the Self Defence, Counter Technique, Ground Grappling, Breakfalling, Fishing and Bait Collecting components of the Survive Retreat