The De-Evolution of The Alpha Human

What are we here for? 


What is our purpose? 


Why Are We Pulled To The Wild.. Into The Outdoors.. Into Nature?

Why Are We Drawn To Create, To Hunt, To Gather, To Build, To Reshape?

The answer is simple… Because we are part of the Earth NOT seperate from it.

In the past 100 years especially, Humans have wholeheartedly made a very clear distinction between us and our natural environment. 

Separating ourselves as far as possible.

Look at the houses we live in. They are they built conveniently to suit all aspects of our modern lives to the absolute precision we can keep 90% of our environmental temperature controlled through Air Conditioning…


Not only that… We can travel long distances without any effort by using Cars, Trains, Planes etc…


We can source food in its purest form that has been Organically Grown, Free Ranged and Ethically Harvested but also on the other hand we have used science and chemicals to create nutrient poor food that creates the opposite effect of a healthy, thriving human..


But is it really..??

Everything is so easy, so readily available that purpose and process have been lost.

Never before have we as a species been so replaceable, so disposable and so unimportant. I know this seems like a negative way to look at it… However it's the reality of the situation.

I see it all the time.. I have been deep in it.

In my mid 20’s I really struggled to find where my place was. What I needed to do, as a man and as a leader. 

How could I contribute and make an impact on the world in a positive way… 

I spiralled into depression to the state that myself and my partner at the time were so deep in the hole we couldn’t see a way out. 

We loved each other and hated each other at the same time. We argued… About nothing but our own fears and inconsistent beliefs trying to find our way in life.

I wanted to be out of the city.. away from the constant weight of feeling trapped like a rat in a cage. So did she.

I waned to create, cultivate and live like my life mattered. I wanted purpose… This is when I found Hunting.

Fishing and Nature were always a passion of mine. I grew up on the coast 300 miles away from the nearest city. The ocean, forest and mountains flowed through my veins and were a part of me.

When I left my home town to come to the city I became someone who I wasn’t meant to be… It was OK for a time but little did I know I was slowly slipping away from my core value as a human.

Archery and Hunting literally saved my life.. Saved me from feeling that I was meaningless. Gave me discipline and purpose again.

It made me think about where my food was coming from, It made me want to nourish my body again, It made me want to share this gift of being human with as many as I could, It made me disciplined to be a good partner, an honourable man and a dedicated human and it pulled me out of a very destructive place.

I remember my first kill.. My partner was with me, we had both worked so hard to make it happen and when it did we both just hugged each other and cried. 

The journey it took for us to be there, to take part and for it all to happen knowing the journey we went through to get there on top of me taking this animals life was completely overwhelming beyond words and a moment I will take to my grave.

So I do this all now and it fulfils me… And now I can share it with others through The Alpha Human.. People just like me who are trying to connect with nature, trying to be better men or women, trying to find their purpose, their strength, their meaning and to give back to their own children or partners or maybe just trying to give back to themselves… This is our purpose… this how to FIND PURPOSE… To BE CREATIVE… To CONTRIBUTE TO YOUR FAMILY, COMMUNITY, SOCIETY… To BE BORN, TO LIVE AND TO DIE PURPOSEFULLY…

To Make Something with your Hands

To Give life to a Child

To Dance

To Make Music

To Laugh and Celebrate Life

I hope this helps you Find or take time to be grateful of Your Purpose as it did me.

This is what we are here to do and is why we are The Alpha Human.

Written By - Luke Bara
IG- @the.alpha.human