3 Crucial Tips for Choosing Your First Bow

What is The right bow....?

This is the No 1 question I get asked all the time... “What Bow Should I Buy?”

The Answer... The One You’re Most Comfortable With... EASY!

Then I get asked.. “Well, which one is that? I’ve never shot a bow before.”

So then I say.. “Go to the Archery Shop and shoot many bows and make a choice.”

This is easier said than done... so with all that in mind here’s the top 3 objections/concerns of going to an archery shop with no knowledge on bows.

1- You’re afraid the staff are only willing to sell you trashy bows or really expensive bows that break the bank and you don’t know any better because knowing archery and bow building is an endless pit of doom!

2- You “Think You Know” what you want.. Then you buy it and the bow absolutely sucks for you.

3- Your budget won’t allow you to get a high end bow with high end accessories so you spend less and buy an absolute piece of crap with the notion of “I’ll get good with this cheap bow then if I like it I’ll get a good one”

These are legitimate reasons but they are all flawed... I know... I had the same reasons when I started 6 years ago.

Let’s debunk all these concerns right now...

Concern 1 - Is my bow dealer legit and not trying to just “Make a Sale?”

Well let’s assume he is (this was my first experience with a bow dealer) 

The first time I bought a bow I knew 1 brand... PSE. All I knew is that they made sexy looking bows that were fast!

I went to my local archery shop and my “Pro dealer” ended up spinning me into a mid range Hoyt with a whole heap of cheap accessories that were way under my budget.. Yep that’s right... under my budget. 

He said I didn’t need to spend all that cash and that this awesome mid range Hoyt would be fine... we’ll that’s just what it was... fine NOT epic like a bow should be!

Not only did he sell me a dud... it was a 60lb draw bow even though I asked for and was under the impression I had a 70lb bow.

He hadn’t tuned it/set it up correctly so it was shooting all over the place. Also he didn’t adjust the draw length back to 28 inches from 29 as I needed... what an Idiot!

This wasn’t apparent at the start as how was I to really know?? I’d only just started archery and thought I was just terrible at it.

It wasn’t until I went to a different archery shop closer to my house to get some new arrows I started telling the pro there about it... He asked for a look at my bow and within 5 seconds he asked me “Did you put this together yourself?” 

It was set up so badly that he thought that I’d had a crack at building and tuning it as a 3 month archer... when I told him my story of how and where I got it tuned  he just balked.

He immediately worked on it and within 30mins it was shooting like a complete different bow!

Needless to say this was the start of a beautiful relationship between me and my bow technician. He now services all my bows and is a master at his craft!

Make sure you research a good bow tech straight from the start! Join an archery club and soon enough they’ll point you in the right direction and let you know who the good bow builders and pros are!


Concern 2- You think you know what bow will be the one for you without ever shooting a bow.

Archery companies have great marketing and sponsorships. They give bows and money to guys to use their products. 

So just because Cam Hanes shoots a Hoyt doesn’t mean it’s the right bow for you... just like Remi Warren shoots a Prime doesn’t mean it’s the right bow for you.

I’ve got both... a Hoyt RX1 Ultra and an Prime Centergy both set to 80lbs.. and let me tell you that until this year I’ve only shot Prime Bows as they’re the right fit for me.

Going to a Hoyt RX1 was a big move... I traditionally didn’t like Hoyt. They felt lumpy on the draw... spongy on the back wall and were hard for me to get consistent with... but after shooting this years RX1 Ultra I decided to buy it.

This bow won’t replace my Prime... it’ll just run along side it as a cold weather, back up bow that I really like to shoot not because it’s a good bow BUT because it’s a good bow for me.

To get to this point you need to shoot all of the top bows and feel each of them with a clear mind. 

Be present and make sure you enjoy the bow your trying... if you like it put it in the like pile and keep shooting until you only have 1 choice left no matter the brand. 

This is the only way to truly find the right fit for you... 


Concern 3 - I have a limited budget and can only afford to buy at a minimum price.

Ok so let me just say a couple of things here to start off...

1- If possible don’t buy low or mid range priced bows... they aren’t as good and in turn will create inconsistencies and varied form in your shot execution.

2- Any of the major companies “Flagship Bows” (AKA top priced bows) will be of an epic standard, be made of great components with high grade materials and will improve sequencing and repeatability in your form and shot sequence. Some of these brands include Prime, Mathews, Hoyt, Elite, Bowtech, PSE...

3- Buy a Good Bow firstly with basic components (Sight, Rest, Quiver, Stabiliser etc..) The most important thing about archery is creating a confident, smooth, repeatable shot. This will happen with a great high end bow. As your budget allows then start to upgrade your accessories as over the long term these will go from bow to bow as the years progress.

4- If your bow shoots 100% the way you like and it does the job... DON’T REPLACE IT IN A HURRY! Yes... we know that every year the bow companies release new “better” bows but the best bow is the one you shoot the most accurately and provides confidence. Even if the bow is 3-4 years old, all you’ll need to do is change the strings and keep the groups tight! That’s it!

I hope this provides some clarity in answering some of the many questions you may have in purchasing a new bow. 

Archery is easy in theory... do the same thing every time and you’ll get the results you’re wanting. 

Easier said than done and not always easy to control...

What you can control are the variables when it comes to your gear and practice and with that your confidence will sky rocket long term!

Written By - Luke Bara
Director TheAlphaHuman.net
E- luke@thealphahuman.net
IG- @the.alpha.human

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