Why We Hunt In Modern Times. Our Reason.

“Modern times” What a laugh…

This term has been thrown around for centuries… CENTURIES!

Every human ever born assumes that this time we live in is the be all and end all… The pinnacle of our existence.. There is an element of truth to that I guess.

Never before have we as humans been so in control of our environment, so adapt to the harshness of nature and in turn, we live longer, eat better, are more immune to disease and have more reach than ever before.

BUT.. the truth is… We’re an ancient vessel trying to adapt to modern times and we’re not doing very well at it.

For hundreds of thousands of years we’ve evolved into this apex predator.. this Alpha Human.. It didn’t just come overnight. We are the pinnacle of evolution to this date and we are masters of our fate… HOWEVER… We are designed to be masters of nature NOT masters of an office.

Look at our make up… Ears on the sides of our heads pointing forward to pick up direct sound so our forward facing eyes can immediately focus on our prey.. or predator we may need to avoid. 

We distinguish scents through our nasal passages that directly compute to our brain smells that we cannot see like spoiled milk or meat. This keeps us safe and our complex digestive tract well so we don’t get sick or frail leading to vulnerability. 

Also, we are one of the most adaptable eaters on the planet being able to digest both meat an plant in many forms allowing us to stay in one place for longer creating stability in our social circles.

We are a marvel of millions of years designed to live in harmony with each other, nature and our environment.

We hunt in these modern times not because we have to but because its part of us… Part of our genetic make up… Part of our DNA. 

We long to be outside staring at a sunset, swimming in the ocean, drinking from a stream because that is who we are, that is what we have evolved to be.

Our ancient vessel needs to be filled by nature in more ways than one… It needs to be exposed to whole experiences. It needs to be  faced with highs and lows… life and death… harshness and comfort… all in balance.

Taking an animals life represents all these things… It represents all of life’s harshness and reality… It connects us to our earth and requires fitness, health, mental clarity, fear, hope, understanding happiness and sorrow…

And THIS IS WHY WE HUNT… To be part of NATURE… To be part of our world and what has evolved us into being The Alpha Human. 

By Luke Bara - Director TheAlphaHuman.net
Instagram - @the.alpha.human
Email - luke@thealphahuman.net

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