Could you go 30 days without buying food??

When I asked myself that question I couldn't really answer... I wondered...

Did I have the skills to survive?

Could I Hunt, Fish and Gather to sustain myself for a whole month just living off the land and ocean?

Would I be able to do this while still living in the City of Sydney?

So.... I decided (with much hesitation but also a deep sense of excitement) to try it. To live 100% off the land and ocean without buying any food!

When I started Hunting I did it out of frustration... Frustration that as humans we were getting ripped off from life.

We don't even know where our food comes from or under what conditions it has been raised. We go to the store totally oblivious on what we are actually putting in our body.

Not only that but there is no connection to the food we are eating. 

Whether you want to admit it or not... Every cut of beef, every chicken breast and every strip of bacon we consume was a living creature. It breathed, fed and lived on this planet just like we do.

I felt totally responsible and disconnected to the process.. I felt that taking a life and being part of this world shouldn't be a task I shyed away from just because I had the convenience of money to pay someone else to do it for me... 

I felt like a hypocrite... 

This 30 day challenge represents me not accepting that convenience anymore..

It represents me being 100% committed to be the person solely responsible for my own food and 100% dedicated to the ethics in harvesting it. 

So that said... Tomorrow Andrew and myself will start this epic journey. We've set ourselves guidelines and we are ready to venture into the unknown.

Here are the rules we will adhere to! 

We Cant...

  • Buy or Eat anything from a supermarket, cafe, restaurant or any food store.
  • Can’t be bought, stolen ,given or be gifted any food from anyone.
  • Can’t eat anything not naturally processed or grown/cultivated

The rules for the 30 days are simple. We...

  • Start with NO Food (including salt, pepper, herbs, spices and any condiments)
  • Only eat food we've harvested ourselves (Fished, Gathered, Hunted, Grown)
  • Can barter/swap food at market value/RRP from a primary producer or cultivator that is grown/harvested/gathered in Australia.
  • Continue to live their normal daily life (Work, Training, Leisure)

All I can say is I don't know if ill be able to do it...

It's the first time in my life I've ever been able to admit it. Its the first time not only will I have to 100% fend for myself but also rely on the kindness and generosity of others to help me do it. 

The feeling is so strange... not having security and knowledge of where my next meal is coming from or knowing if I'll be able to do it and survive.

I guess we'll find out soon!

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