COURSE COMMENCING - May 5th - 2017 


The Alpha Human Mentorship Program is a mostly online delivered, selective, yearly program dedicated to the busy, travelling professional wanting to make an overall change in their life and continue getting performance based results in their training all year including during times abroad. The mentorship program is divided into 3 x 16 week modules. Thrive, Survive, Revive. Each module will be kicked off with a 2.5 day retreat overviewing the module and course content.


THRIVE - 16 weeks (Retreat - May 5/6/7th - Sydney, Australia)
In THRIVE we cover the foundational movement patterns and foundational training techniques to build the ideal base for a strong, fit,lean and athletic human. Taking aspects of Gymnastics, Weightlifting, Aerobic Conditioning, Advanced Nutrition Techniques and Functional Training, the program aims to deliver a holistic, all online, easy to follow educative process.

SURVIVE - 16 weeks (Retreat - September 8/9/10th - North Stradbroke Island, Australia)

In SURVIVE we build on the body preparation work covered in THRIVE by adding basic human survival elements into the programming. Basic Hunting and Gathering, Fishing, Self Defence including Striking and Grappling will be the key elements of the skills learned. 

REVIVE - 16 weeks (Retreat - January 19/20/21st - Ubud, Bali)

In REVIVE we aim to delve into techniques of Advanced Mindset, Body Recovery and Advanced Strength and Conditioning techniques including Olympic Lifting and Intermediate Gymnastics Programming. This module will build on the discipline of the first two with the added development of strong mental aptitude and finer motor skill techniques like Archery and foundational Yoga. 

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