Advanced hunting retreat - 5 DAY RETREAT - nsw - AUSTRALIA

The Alpha Human Project Advanced Hunting Retreat is the next step after completing the Bowhunting for Beginners Lvl1. On this retreat we take 4 people to an exclusive hunting property 3.5hrs from Sydney to advance their skills on ethical deer hunting,

On this course we expand the content to include advanced hunting tactics, spot and stalk techniques, basic survival and include a multiple day hunting component.

The course will be held over 5 days and will include the participants accompanying Luke and Andrew on a 4 day fallow deer hunt.

Weekend will include all Food and Beverage plus Accomodation and travel from Sydney/Sydney Airport.

Course content will include these modules.


- Advanced Hunting Techniques - Spot and stalk tactics, Ambush Set-up, Advanced Tracking Theory.
- Advanced Gear Prep - What to take on a Multi Day Hunt


- Morning Briefing and Hunt Prep - Learning the outlay of hunting grounds. Where to start and end a hunt
- Gear Overview
- Drop off and Begin Hunt

DAY 3-4

- Active In Field Hunt
- Camp prep and Set-up

Day 5

- Morning hunt
- Camp Pack Down and return to Base
- Advanced Game Butchering, Meat Preparation and Ageing
- Debrief and weekend Wrap-Up

*There is a real possibility that there will be a kill made. Participants MUST be willing to observe the hunting, recovery and dressing process.