1 on 1 - Bowhunting for beginners - 3 day Course
Sydney - Australia 

24th April - 31st October 2018
*Specific Dates Customised To Each Participant

The Alpha Human Projects 1 on 1 Bowhunting for Beginners Retreat is a more personal approach to the group setting of the 2 Day Bowhunting for Beginners Retreat. This fully encompassing personalised program is the first of its kind in Australia. On this retreat we personally take you by yourself with The Alpha Human Director Luke Bara for 3 days into the bush and deliver the basic knowledge on how to get started into ethical deer hunting and gathering, hunting tactics and planning, basic survival and hunting specific training techniques.

Weekend will include all Food and Beverage plus Accomodation and travel from Sydney/Sydney Airport.

Course content will include these modules.


- Gear Prep
- Afternoon Hunt and In Field Scouting
- Lecture 1 - Bowhunting Ethics, Discipline and  
  Regulation of Bowhunting in Australia.


- Morning Hunt In Field Scouting
- Lecture 2 - Bow 101 - Here we take you on the range
  to go through how to engage archery safely including
  stance grip and position
- Lecture 3 - How to Read Your Game - The "How To's" of  
  how to pattern deer, how to stalk and how to recover
  your hunted game.
- Lecture 4 - The Gear We Use - A complete breakdown of  
  the specific layering systems and pack systems
  required for hunting
- Afternoon Hunt and In Field Scouting OR Bow Range

Day 3

- Morning Hunt In Field Scouting
- Basic Field Butchering (Game Depending)
- Mid Morning Wrap-Up Bow Range Time

*Participants will only be accompanying course presenters on actual hunts. Participants WILL NOT be shooting OR killing any animals on this course. There is a real possibility that there will be a kill made. Participants MUST be willing to observe the hunting, recovery and dressing process. There is no full guarentee on taking any game animal as hunting is unpredictable.


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